Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wet Fridays - Friday the 5th of November, 2010

After a climb on Thursday I was looking forward to Friday's run, especially considering it was raining quite heavily!

The rain does keep me off the trails (when in my Asics & Mizunos - the Brooks love that stuff) but just being out there running in the rain makes up for it. I decided on the well trodden out-and-back up the hill towards Fei Ngo Shan.

5/11/10 Wet Road Run
Out across the highway overpasses

5/11/10 Wet Road Run
Clouds rolling across the road

5/11/10 Wet Road Run
A tangle of power cords in a rural village

5/11/10 Wet Road Run
An overflow drain

I wasn't planning on going out for a fast run, but the cool weather made for a not bad time.

See you on the trails!
~ Joe

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