Monday, 29 November 2010

Back on the Trails - Friday the 26th of November, 2010

So, a week after the 100km event and things are back to normal. It's certainly been a low km week for me, but I guess that's to be expected. This'll be another short post as I'm still a little behind, playing catch-up.

On a fairly sunny Friday I decided to head out and run one of my favourite courses: down to Po Lam via the trails and back again.

26/11/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Familiar terrain, as I dodge the pointy rocks and try to slow down to enjoy the scenery.

26/11/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Dry! But luckily a cool breeze kept me cool enough

26/11/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Going down, but to where?

26/11/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Keep pasting! Graffiti on an abandoned house at the Silverstrand Beach Round-about

26/11/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Nice natural patterns

The run went fairly well. Pretty quick and the hills weren't too hard. Great to be back on the run again and my quick recovery from the Oxfam has me seriously considering the "HK100" 100km run event in January 2011!

See you in the hills!
~ Joe

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