Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Go with the Flow - Sunday 14th of November, 2010

Awesome, Awesome Run.

On the final weekend before the Oxfam, I decided on a nice, easy 10km run. Since we were planning to eat at Hang Hau for dinner, it gave me a chance to tour my old stomping grounds.

As it turns out, the difference between running around Kowloon and around Tseung Kwan O is like night and day.

Somehow, every time I go out running around Hung Hom / TST it feels like a battle: so many lights to cross, so many people to dodge, everything about it feels busy and rushed. Sometimes it's nice to go out and do battle, to conquer challenges. But not all the time!

In Tseung Kwan O, I set sail on one of my most ran routes, a 10km that basically tours the entire region. And I just settled into a flow. My speed was high (relatively compared to lately), my stride was smooth and I flowed from one place to another. It was calm, controlled and peaceful. An awesome run by all accounts.

14/11/10 10km TKO Run
What's left of Junk Bay. The rest has been "reclaimed".

14/11/10 10km TKO Run
Another view of the Design School in Tiu Keng Leng.

14/11/10 10km TKO Run
It was fairly dark by the time I enter the last couple of kms towards home. Apologies for the poor white balance / colour in this photo. I should have fixed it in-camera, and now there's not too much I can do!

In fact, I was enjoying my run so much that I didn't really want to stop to take photos, and only did so grudgingly when I thought I saw a cool shot.

14/11/10 10km TKO Run
14/11/10 10km TKO Run

I'm very much looking forward to the cool of winter but wonder how I'm going to deal with running around TST.

See you on the trails.
~ Joe

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