Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Forgotten Speed - Tuesday the 30th of November, 2010

I was feeling a little unmotivated on Tuesday morning but decided to head out on an easy-ish lunchtime run anyway.

Setting out, up the hill towards Fei Ngo Shan I felt light and fast. I pushed hard up the hill and found myself keeping quite a good pace, this run wasn't going so bad after all!

30/11/2010 9km Lunchtime Run
Working my way up the hill

30/11/2010 9km Lunchtime Run
The overpass at the prison. Low sun for a 1pm run!

30/11/2010 9km Lunchtime Run
Old, rusting, picturesque... Village homes near Tseng Lan Shue

30/11/2010 9km Lunchtime Run
I shot this one to compare the amount of haze to two days ago when I ran past the same spot! The haze was much much worse on Tuesday!

On racing down the hill I found I was on a PB time and worked hard all the way to the finish. In the end I was able to just push the time under 40mins, making for a very successful run!

On a side note, I was also reminded that I have an upcoming race this weekend! I'd signed up for it months ago and completely forgotten that it was so soon. Luckily, the organiser sent out a reminder email! It's a 15km mixed-terrain trail run around the very scenic Tai Lam Chung reservoir. Since I'm not really in top form, I'm aiming to just go out and have fun!

See you at the finish line!
~ Joe

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