Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Easy Peasy - Tuesday 16th of November, 2010

With just a couple of days till the big event I wanted an easy, flat run to stretch out my legs. The weather was quite sunny, but not really a problem as I set out on the same flat 7km I ran for recovery a couple of weeks ago.

16/11/10 7km Easy Run
Out along the trails

16/11/10 7km Easy Run
Great camouflage! I only got one good snap of this guy before he darted away

16/11/10 7km Easy Run
The weathered sign of a nearby house

16/11/10 7km Easy Run
Terracotta colours at a little block of flats

The run went as expected. Nice and Easy. Easy Peasy.

See you on the long trail!
~ Joe

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