Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Highs and Lows - Wednesday the 10th of November, 2010

It's funny that I can have such a positive run on Tuesday and then be so unmotivated the very next day. Whatever the reason, I planned to run the 10km road-run around Hang Hau on Wednesday, but even in the first 10mins I was feeling unmotivated and questioning why I was out on the run. After a bit of a battle for the first 20mins, I sunk into a rhythm and let my mind wander while I made me way back to HKUST.

10/11/10 10km Road Run
Down, down, down

10/11/10 10km Road Run
Broken Post

10/11/10 10km Road Run
Tangled roots

10/11/10 10km Road Run
The way home. Feeling more relaxed by this stage.

10/11/10 10km Road Run
A cat sleeping in the sun on a roof top. Looks comfy!

At least the uphill sections went easier than expected, and soon enough I was cruising to the finish point. It's just about time to start my taper for the Oxfam and I'm super psyched about that. I think this was just a one-day downer. Time to pick up the pace and start getting motivated for the winter racing season!

See you on the trails.
~ Joe

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