Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Recovery run - Tuesday the 2nd of November, 2010

My legs were still quite sore from the weekend's adventure so I settled on a nice easy 7km flat recovery run for Tuesday. I ran basically two laps with variations on the roads and trails around HKUST, the first slow and very easy, the second moving at a more normal pace.

2/11/10 7km Recovery Run
The sun was out and it was hotter than I normally like, but as I was moving so slow, it was hardly a problem.

2/11/10 7km Recovery Run
I was very happy to reach the trail section... I love dirt single tracks.

2/11/10 7km Recovery Run
A cobbled section that I very rarely run

2/11/10 7km Recovery Run
HKUST - A bit crooked!

Overall, I was fairly happy with the run, didn't push too hard and although my legs were obviously more tired than usual, I didn't have any significant pains. Just two and a half weeks till the Oxfam... Gotta start making sure I'm in top shape!

See you (gingerly) running the trails!
~ Joe

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