Sunday, 3 October 2010

On the road again - Wednesday 29th of September, 2010

After taking a week and a half off for my wedding, I was back on the road again. Since it had been a while, I decided to run a familiar, not too hard route: from UST out to the Shell near Fei Ngo Shan and back to UST.

29/9/2010 Road Run
I spotted this tiny guy, right in the middle of the footpath. He's about 1-2cm long but thanks to Macro focusing on my W90 he looks huuuge!

29/9/2010 Road Run
Heading down the hill to the village. Conditions couldn't be better for this time of year.

29/9/2010 Road Run
Abandoned home.

29/9/2010 Road Run
This dog eyed me careful and as soon as I was heading away, was more than happy to bark at me. When I stopped and turn to take a photo, he quickly escaped through the lichenous fence!

29/9/2010 Road Run
Heading down the big hill back towards HKUST.

The run wasn't easy after having not run for so long, but it wasn't exactly hard either. Great conditions have made me a little more optimistic about picking up a little speed this winter.

See you out on the trails!
~ Joe

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