Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Forgotten essentials - Wednesday 13th of October, 2010

Another hot day, another lunchtime run. I decided on an easier route today: out to the servo under the shadow of Fei Ngo Shan.

When I was leaving the office I thought: damn, forget my hat... ah well, nevermind.
And then when I put on my shoes: hmm, these shoes feel a little different to normal.

So I went up to the plaza anyway and realized on the way up: it's almost like I can feel the stitches in the sole. So I checked, and sure enough, I'd left the foam inner soles at home!

After every run I pull out the inner soles to dry faster and to help avoid my shoes getting too smelly. The obvious disadvantage is the possibility of leaving then at home!

I almost decided not to run, but went for it anyway, and was very glad I did. It was a great run where I was able to focus on the running and ignore all the detritus.

13/10/10 Out&Back Road Run
Crossing the bridge on the way up the hill

13/10/10 Out&Back Road Run
It's not my habit to photograph dead things, but this butterfly had such vivid colours and the camera really shows the textures in the wings

13/10/10 Out&Back Road Run
Cruising back down the hill

13/10/10 Out&Back Road Run
Back across the hill, past the school and towards UST

In the end, my time turned out to be a PB. Not a very impressive one, since I only started running this route this summer, so haven't been at full strength while tackling it, but I'm fairly happy anyway. So long as you're wearing good socks (Thorlos Experia in my case) the inner sole doesn't seem to have any impact at all (no pun intended)!

How far can you go? How fast? ... Go further. Faster. Be stronger.

See you on the roads and trails!
~ Joe

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