Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The 3rd Day - Wednesday the 20th of October, 2010

With my Asics on, I decided to head out along Little Hawaii Trail again. A third day of running in a row and my legs felt a little tired but strong. This was another uneventful and tough run so another mostly photos post.

20/10/2010 Little Hawaii Run
Down the narrow stairs before a series of very step uphill (and downhill) fights

20/10/2010 Little Hawaii Run
My own little "nerve-tester" along the trail. Calm the mind and the body will flow.

20/10/2010 Little Hawaii Run
The path up to the right leads to the Razor Hill Trail (which is on my to-do list), but I didn't have the shoes or the motivation to do it on this run!

20/10/2010 Little Hawaii Run
Mossy steps about 1km before emerging on the road at Tseng Lan Shue

20/10/2010 Little Hawaii Run
The blocky, dramatic architecture of HKUST signals the end of my run

I was a little unhappy with the time of this quite tough run, but I suppose it wasn't too bad an effort, all things considered.

See you round the round.
~ Joe

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