Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coming Home - Tuesday the 26th of October, 2010

Overcast skies, cool temps, my favourite Asics and a dirt trail beneath my feet. I honestly couldn't help thinking: this is where I belong.

An awesome run out on the trails today, down to Po Lam and back up via the road. I worked hard but was rewarded with a good time. It's a pity the trail sections are so short, I really felt a sense of elation while running them. Now I just need to find a place where I can run single-track trails for 2hrs+.

26/10/10 9.3km Trail+Road Run
The tree-lined first section of trail

26/10/10 9.3km Trail+Road Run
Crossing a saddle, the trail moves onto the other side of the spur. I have a photo (below) from that little stretch of road just left of the centre

26/10/10 9.3km Trail+Road Run
An illegal construction in the Jungle. With all the chairs facing out like that, it looks like the perfect place to hold a Jungle Court!

26/10/10 9.3km Trail+Road Run
Looking back while running up the curved road towards the slope I was running on 20 minutes previously (see the panorama above).

A great run and a course PB.

See you on the slopes!
~ Joe

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