Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Merry Binge-mas - Tuesday the 28th of December, 2010

After a very lazy four days of eating, drinking and lounging around, I decided to head out on a longish lunchtime run on Tuesday and decided to head back out to the High Junk Peak trail, this time running the longer road-side first and coming back along the trail.

The weather was completely opposite to my last trip on the High Junk Peak trail, with bright sun and relatively hot temps revealing the views I mentioned last time.

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Looking towards my goal. The Plateau / Ridgeline in the centre of the picture is close to where the trail joins the road

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
An awesome retaining wall just about at the point where I left the road and ascended onto the ridgeline

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Stunning views if I wasn't too busy watching my feet and making sure I don't trip over on a rock!

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Single track: narrow, twisty, dirt trails... Awesome! The (large!) hill just to the left of the track is Razor Hill which I ran here.

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Just another view of this glorious trail. Again the large hill to the left is Razor Hill

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
I think this should be the same view as in the third photo from my last trip to the High Junk Peak trail.

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Looking back towards High Junk Peak itself (the sharp one)

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Heading down onto the plateau seen in the first photo!

28/12/2010 15km Trail+Road Run
Taking the mountain bike route down the hill (the "hiking" one is just a series of stairs!), I was treated to a fast, adrenaline pumping, roller-coaster filled with tight corners like this one.

What a fantastic run. I also found that if I run the road section first, the uphill to reach the trail is a little longer, but not quite as steep as the other side, meaning I didn't have to slow to a walk up the stairs!

I'm looking forward to doing this one again soon!

See you in the jungle!
~ Joe

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  1. Awesome scenery, what a magical place to train! Good on you Joe! x