Monday, 20 December 2010

Rock hard calves - Monday the 20th of December, 2010

Rock hard calves... and unfortunately, not in the able-to-withstand-anything kind of way... more in the solid-mass-of-immovable-muscle kind of way!

Most people would expect that after 4 days off (quite a lot for me), I'd be at about optimal condition, rested and ready to go, but often I find that I run best on the second or third day in a row. I think this is because 1. my muscles know what to expect (both the speed and the effort required) if I ran in the few days before and 2. my legs aren't as stiff and my overall motion is a lot smoother.

So, after 4 days rest, stiff legs today that took about 20mins to thaw out, and as I was heading for home, I felt a small knot developing at the base of my skull... not more neck pain! Fingers crossed.

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run
A dead leaf with colours like fire

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run
A little village just off the main road

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run
A truck carrying reo

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run
A panorama of Tseng Lan Shue

20/12/2010 Lunchtime Run
The newly constructed village headquarters building in Pik Shui Sun Tseun celebrates Christmas (sort of)

The actual run wasn't too bad, just so hoping that my mild neck discomfort won't develop into something more serious again!

Really hoping to see you out on the trails,
~ Joe

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