Monday, 13 December 2010

Listen to your heart - Sunday the 12th of December, 2010

And I should have.

I was feeling quite lazy and inactive on Sunday afternoon and I didn't really feel particularly motivated while looking out my window to go for the long run I had been planning around the city, but I told myself that I didn't run on Saturday, and the weather was ideal today... so I should go out anyway.

12/12/10 6km City Road Run
Starting out, I never really found a comfortable rhythm...

12/12/10 6km City Road Run
... despite the ideal weather and not bad vista (considering I'm running in the middle of the city!)

I was originally planning to run all the way down to the clock-tower but seeing the hordes of people on the boardwalk, turned me back northwards. I run the full length of the waterfront to the north, moving at not a bad pace, but not really enjoying the run.

12/12/10 6km City Road Run
A nice curve amongst straight lines

12/12/10 6km City Road Run
The end of the waterfront: a dodgey old wharf building

Although finishing in not a bad time, I finished in a low mood. Normally a run will leave me on a high, but it seems if I didn't really want to go, and carry that negative attitude into a run, that's all I'll get out of it... But everyday is new day... I just have to find runs that will motivate me. Sadly, the idea of running along crowded city streets holds almost no appeal these days.

See you on the trails with a big grin on my dial!
~ Joe

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