Monday, 20 December 2010

Pain in the Neck - Wednesday the 15th of December, 2010

Yes, yes... very late.

As quick tour around the normal Hang Hau 10km route, this wasn't really a run of any note... Except of course for the mild pain in my neck and shoulders (easily ignored) that, the next morning, became severe pain, putting me out of action for 4 days!

15/12/2010 10km Road Run
More photos of sprawling roots

15/12/2010 10km Road Run
High density living in Hang Hau

15/12/2010 10km Road Run
Hang Hau Village. These three storey houses are very Hong Kong, and you can see them all over

15/12/2010 10km Road Run
A splash of colour

15/12/2010 10km Road Run

The actual run itself wasn't so bad, posting an okay time. The pain in the neck was very annoying tho, not so much for the pain itself, but because it stopped me from running and climbing for the rest of the week!

Running in straight lines,
~ Joe

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