Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Unfamiliar Familiar - Friday the 10th of December, 2010

Alternate title: Doing things the hard way!

Getting ready for my run today at lunchtime I was feeling a little bored with all the normal routes around HKUST. Since I didn't have my trail shoes, that ruled out the wilder runs either down to the coastline or over Razor Hill. Instead I decided to do my normal half trail, half road run, but in reverse.

With the exception of (and perhaps because of) one very hot & humid day when I attempted to run the route "backwards", I've always ran this route the same way. Down the trail and up the roads. Today I was doing things the hard way.

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Broken furniture on the roadside

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
A bamboo fence

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Overcast and fairly good conditions for a run, heading down the hill along the roads

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Past Po Lam and heading back up the hill, the trail changing from dirt to paved (and later back again)

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
Tung Fong Path. It's amazing how much weathered it is, considering it was constructed only 8 years

10/12/2010 9km Trail/Road Run
The final bit of uphill before a cruise through the trees and back to UST

Running the route backwards is almost like running a new route, with different views to look at as I meander along, but this particular route is significantly harder going uphill along the trails! Not a bad run, but I'm still struggling to find motivation for my lunchtime runs. Gotta try to find something new!

See you on the trails!
~ Joe

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