Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Listening to the wind - Wednesday the 22nd of December, 2010

A fairly non-eventful run with the only thing being the battery on my shuffle dying after the first 5 minutes!

22/12/2010 Road/Trail Run
A little lean-to built alongside the trail

22/12/2010 Road/Trail Run
Strange debris considering a complete lack of overhead powerlines in the area!

22/12/2010 Road/Trail Run
The view out towards the High Junk Peak Trail. The range just right of the centre is what that awesome trail follows

22/12/2010 Road/Trail Run
A sign forbidding excavation of construction. Doesn't seem to have stopped anyone up here!

22/12/2010 Road/Trail Run
Baking on the exposed uphill sections!

The downhill was super enjoyable and at quite a good pace, while the flat was smooth, comfortable and I fell into a good rhythm. The uphill is always the hardest section, but it felt fast and rewarding.

Even though this is a course I've ran many many times, this was a smooth, fast and very enjoyable run.

See you out in the sun!

~ Joe

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