Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wild Tour - Wednesday the 8th of December, 2010

After a couple of days rest (I was a bit sore on Monday after the race!) I was ready to head out again and organised to run with fellow HKUST runner, Willie. It'd been a while since we were last able to run together so I was quite keen to show him my new-est, best-est route - the Little Hawaii Trail! I did warn him that it was going to be a rather hard (but very scenic!) run, but I think he was surprised just how tortuous the route really is!

8/12/2010 8.5km Little Hawaii Trail
Just getting onto the trail. Bright overhead sun, but cool air temps and a lot of shade made for wonderful conditions.

8/12/2010 8.5km Little Hawaii Trail
Looking back across my little courage tester

8/12/2010 8.5km Little Hawaii Trail
Almost at the waterfall, preparing for the final battle

8/12/2010 8.5km Little Hawaii Trail
Major difficulties over, this trail winds towards the road before a couple of tame hills and a long descent to HKUST

Although my legs were burning on the steep uphill sections (I don't think that'll ever change), I was feeling great throughout the run and recovered fast after each hill. The route has never felt easier!

I'm looking forward to stepping things up and trying to pick up a bit of pace before my January half-marathon.

See you in the hills!
~ Joe

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