Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tuesday 10th of August, 2010

Tuesday hosted a less interesting run, but one that is a little easier on the legs than Monday's route. It's an "out and back" route along a mountain road from HKUST here, with a little detour to take some trail towards the end. Most of the altitude gains are made at the start, so towards the end you can just cruise home. The negatives of pounding pavement are greatly offset by the views along the way!

Just at the top of the climb looking downhill. Hot weather!

Almost stepped on this guy who was wandering around on the footpath.

Crossing a little stream on the detour on the way home.

Very hot conditions for this run, and for the first time I experienced problems with my iPod Shuffle because it was getting too wet! The course map shows the obvious out and back route which is nicely represented in the symmetry in the elevation profile!

The Photographer's Biathlon

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