Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bait and Switch - Monday 17th of August, 2010

The morning was overcast, slightly cooler... good for running! Maybe I'll run along that seaside single-track I ran once, I thought, but then right around midday the heavens opened... If you've never lived in the serious tropics, you might never have seen what in Hong Kong counts as torrential rain. This was tor-rent-ial rain.

Off putting? No way! I love running in the rain. Aside from making me feel like a real tough guy, it's a welcome change from sweltering heat. I wouldn't be able to run my dirt track, but nevermind. So I rush downstairs to get changed and hurry back topside to find.... super bright blasting sunshine. And on top of the heat, everything was soaking wet, with huge puddles everywhere fueling super-humid conditions.

Impressive cloud formations in the sun after the downpour.

My route followed roads and bike paths but is generally bordering on jungle. A drop off here to the right.

Puddles everywhere and wonderful clouds to reflect.

This is the first time I've ran this course, I always expected that going around Hang Hau would take me too long, but it turned out to be not that bad since it's all paved and mostly flat. My lagging time was much more due to the hot and humid conditions as I made my way up the hills!

Trail shoes are on their way, so expect some interesting looking, dirty trails!

Happy trails,
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