Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday Roast - Sunday 22nd of August, 2010

Midday isn't really the best time to run in tropical conditions. But I left home at 2.30pm... I should be fine, right? Right?!

My first weekend run in a couple of weekends, I decided to make the most of it and check out both the park a little north of where I normally run and the area around Olympic MTR that a friend normally runs in.

I slipped into my full length skins compression tights, put on a new pair of socks and grabbed my new(ish) Nathan water bottle belt (it's done about 85km so far but I reckon I should run at least 100km with it before reviewing it). I was ready for a serious run. Not ready enough apparently.

The view from the waterfront, running north along the eastern side of the harbour.

My legs felt tired (despite not running the two previous days - lack of sleep I'd guess) and the heat certainly wasn't helping but the real killer was a strong headwind coming off the harbour. I was almost relieved to retreat into the urban canyons.

Interesting tree root.

Not for long however, as the heat beat down. By the time I made it out to the west side of Kowloon I was super hot and realised that the 600ml bottle in my belt just wouldn't cut it.

Going up? Perfect feature for panoramic photography!

I sat down here for about 3mins to mull things over. This is about 45-50mins into the predicted 15km (turned out to be 18km).

From here I could head straight down to TST and round to home or I could head out to the West Kowloon waterfront promenade, where I was hoping to find a drinking tap. Water won as I'd already completely drained my bottle, so made my way out west.

The waterfront promenade. Inhabited by people riding bikes who've never learnt and people with expensive cameras taking reels of photos of their girlfriends. Apologies for the wonky panorama, I was a little wonky myself by this stage.

No drinking fountain here, but two 500ml bottles from a vending machine later I had a full bottle and 400ml in my stomach. I was feeling recharged. Weaving through the crowds on the way home the run had one surprise left. For the last 2km the headwind had become tortuous making me really earn it.

The run turned out to be 18km not 15km as expected, which I was a little thankful for as it made my time seem not as slow as I thought it was!

Not much elevation gain here... and a swim! I guess this section is the boardwalk over the harbour.

Next time I hope to make it up to Boundary St, so I can claim a complete loop of 'old Kowloon'.

Run on!

Location : Clear Water Bay Rd,

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