Thursday, 19 August 2010

And the rain came down - Thursday 19th of August, 2010

I finally got my run in the rain! Considering the bright sunshine at around 11am that gave way to torrential downpours at 12.45pm, I was thinking to call this post "switch and bait", but that doesn't really describe things.

Upon emerging from the sports complex I found light rain. Good! Better than bright sun.  And the drops got bigger.  And more frequent. And soon enough it was a serious tropical storm:

Instant puddles ~2mins since the rain started. This is the view across the same bridge as last Thursday's post.

I changed my planned route to something semi-paved since the trails would have become muddy messes:

Good fun, but not ideal in my road shoes. Also: I've got three feet!

Pity the rain didn't last for long, but in it's wake, beautiful clear vistas:

Clear scenes down to Po Lam;.

I ran along the valley floor and at my normal uphill slog decided to run a little further and take "the hard" way.

At the mid-hill round-a-bout I took my normal back roads and jungle path route, finishing what was a quite relaxed, enjoyable run.

"There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people"

See you on the trails!


Location : New Clear Water Bay Rd,

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