Thursday, 12 August 2010

Saturation Point - Thursday 12th of August, 2010

Might try to give the posts a name from now on, just to differentiate them a bit. I didn't fancy the hard, hard run down to Bak Sha Wan and back this lunchtime, so opted to run the same route as Monday.

It poured rain this morning, which meant the jungle was still very wet and the trails were a little muddy. Despite being a designed-and-bred road shoe, my Asics Gel DS-Trainers (15s) have easily enough grip to take on this terrain. I alternate these with a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 12s which, compared to the Asics, are terribly unstable and have poor poor traction. I, in fact, came to grief in the Mizunos, losing it big time on a waterfront board-walk in downtown Hong Kong but that's a story I'll save for later, perhaps my shoe review.

The road heading out of HKUST. It crosses a bridge over a small stream that eventually leads to a great waterfall, there's a nice run down there (depending on your definition of "nice run"), but I'll have to wait till my trail shoes arrive to tackle that. Also, that big hill in the centre of the picture is called "Razor Hill" and has a great trail right along the ridgeline. This is also ear-marked as a future route for when the trail shoes arrive!

The section of the trail facing Po Lam before you cross a saddle onto the waterfront side (as seen in Monday's run).

Bigger than it looks, this foot-long skink was sunbathing on the path.

It's not all fun and games... Roasting here on this open, uphill section of the road leading back to UST.

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