Friday, 13 August 2010

4 Demons in 5 Days - Friday 13th of August, 2010

Well, completed the week's running today with another midday session in the baking sun. Ran today with a friend who also works here at HKUST. I Didn't have the motivation today (again) to run down to Bak Sha Wan so ran up the hill towards Choi Hung again, along the same route as Tuesday.

Across this bridge before the fun starts: the hundred metre elevation gain over the next kilometre seen in the profile in Tuesday's post. Sorry for the crooked panorama!

Willie moving quick on the return journey back to HKUST.

A detour down the "garden path" at the tail end of the journey.

So, about 37km in four different runs this week. Rest day tomorrow and then perhaps more running on Sunday or Monday again.

Remember, I'm still looking for more people to contribute to blog... so let me know!

See you on the trails!

The Photographer's Biathlon

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