Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Taking it Easy on the Hard Road - Thursday the 2nd of June, 2011

As the weather heats up my runs slow down. Hopefully I'll still be able to maintain the distance!

20110602 Super Hot Lost Trail Run
Heading downhill towards the trail, I realise that I've forgotten my SD card (again)... Once again I'm saved by the fact that the W90 has built in memory good enough for 6 photos! Such a smart design move (for someone as forgetful as me).

20110602 Super Hot Lost Trail Run
I stopped to make sure I got a good photo of this guy, as this run was really defined by them. There were hundreds of them along the trail, continually scattering in front of me like a little black wave

20110602 Super Hot Lost Trail Run
As I was already moving quite slow, I thought I might as well take this unknown side trail, just to see where it would end up. The general uphill direction suggested that it might be a nifty shortcut

20110602 Super Hot Lost Trail Run
The trail closed in a little and headed steeply uphill, mostly restricting me to a walk, but it was shady, giving some respite from the sun... and I still had hopes for a shortcut

Until the trail lead to....

20110602 Super Hot Lost Trail Run
A power pole? Well, that's cool and all, but not exactly what I was hope for...

Just to the right of the pole you can see a smaller quite overgrown trail leading away? Well, I was still hopeful so wandered down that trail (although running was very difficult on something so overgrown)... Just to another power pole...

Dejected I head back down onto the main route, lesson learnt. The run back to UST was hot and long...

Time for a couple of rest days I think, before a long run on the long weekend!

Work Hard, Eat Right, Be a Tiger...
~ Joe

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