Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cutting it short - Monday the 30th of May, 2011

Pretty happy with last week and wanting a little go for a Tuesday night run, I decided on a slowish Monday run in the Trail Gloves. Right from the start I wasn't feeling very comfortable in the barefoot shoes. Despite not running on the weekend, but legs felt tired and my stride laboured.

The hot hot midday sun beating down wasn't helping but I pressed on:

20110530 Hot Failed Lunchtime Trail Run
I thought to myself: Don't worry, as soon as you hit the trail, things will improve, you'll relax and enjoy yourself. This is normally the case, but not on this hot Monday.

20110530 Hot Failed Lunchtime Trail Run
By the time I was halfway along the trail I'd already decided to cut things short. I just wasn't feeling up to a full run under the bright sun.

So, when I hit the bottom of the valley, instead of running towards Hang Hau and running up the roads, I went straight back up the hill on another trail.

20110530 Hot Failed Lunchtime Trail Run
The archway for the little village where the trail exits

20110530 Hot Failed Lunchtime Trail Run
A beetle doing it's best impression (and a pretty good one at that) of how I was feeling on the shortish road run back to campus.

In the end I was a little disappointed in having to cut my run short, but not unhappy with my ability to sustain till the end of the (shortened) distance. You win some, you lose some.

See you under the sun!
~ Joe

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  1. "You win some, you lose some"

    Joe, have you seen this? :-)

    Happy running!