Friday, 24 June 2011

Dangerous Creatures - Thursday the 23rd of June, 2011

For a tally of 2 green snakes (possibly the deadly Cheng Juk Sae) and a huge centipede I got surprisingly few interesting photos from this run. Slipping on the Trail Gloves, I headed out for a slow cruise along the trails down to Po Lam and back up via another trail.

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
I really like this shot with the trail blurring into the background

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
A sign nearby an illegal structure where oldies gather to play Marjong and Chinese Chess

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
Not sure how long this trail will last for with the stream undercutting it!

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
Heading down these steps is where I saw the first snake. As I was quickly racing down I spotted the there was a snake on the next step and clumsily leapt a couple of steps before going back up to look for it (couldn't find it!)

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
Within one km I was starting to relax a bit and bring my speed up (watching my feet in the barefoot shoes of course!) when I came across the second snake! This was a potentially worse situation as I went right to go around it, but it also realised that right was the only was out and went the same way! For a brief period I was doing the Can Can while shouting f*ck, f*ck, f***ck...

After the second encounter I decided to slow down a bit and pay more attention to the trail further ahead. I was forcing myself to go slow, but still a little jumpy everytime a grasshopper shot off a blade of grass near by feet.

20110623 Humid Overcast Lunchtime Trail Run
Towards the end of the trail I found further dangers, as my Trail Gloves had exactly zero traction on these dark, wet rocks and I was very close to slipping over while running slowly up the hill!

Despite everything, I was actually pretty pleased with this run, keeping quite a good cadence up the steep hilly sections, and my time would have been a fair bit faster if I wasn't deliberately slowing myself down. I would have loved to have a couple of shots of the snakes in the wild, but am happy enough just not to get bitten! It certainly made me consider what I would do in the event that I was bitten by the viper while alone on a trail!

Hong Kong: where natural jungle meets concrete jungle!
~ Joe

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