Sunday, 17 April 2011

Reader Photo Competition Results

Hi Gang,

So all the photos have been collected, viewed, sorted and judged! I'm posting the top 5 here...

So without further ado, 3rd, 4th and 5th finishing photos (not in any particular order)

18/04/2011 Reader Comp Photos

18/04/2011 Reader Comp Photos

18/04/2011 Reader Comp Photos

I love photos that tell a story, and I think all these photos succeed at that.

And now, the runner up:

18/04/2011 Reader Comp Photos

I tried to be objective in the judging (although all photos came from friends and family anyway), but this photo of my dearly loved and missed training partner, captures the enthusiasm, speed and free-wheeling joy of a run. Speed-blur and shadow included this photo oozes an artistic quality.

And.... dum dum daaaa... The Winner:

18/04/2011 Reader Comp Photos

For me, this photo tells a story about a particular run, is interesting/unique and I simply love the abstract pattern and colours of the mud. For me, this photo ties together some of the things I love about running and does so in an artistic way.

I was a little disappointed that more people didn't join in my little competition, but the quality of the photos that were sent in was generally very good, so I just wanted to say, congrats and thanks very much for those that went to the trouble of sending things into me.

I can't say for sure when the next competition will be, but why not head out and get some snaps anyway. I'd love to feature other people's photos on my blog, so get shooting!

I'm also always looking for people to contribute material to the blog, so if you want to write up a review for some gear you love or hate, write about a recent run or just ruminate generally on training and running, please let me know!

Hope to hear from more readers soon!
~ Joe

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