Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Calibration - Monday the 18th of April, 2011

While my body normally takes a couple of months to calibrate to the Hong Kong heat (by which time Summer is almost over!) it only takes two trips around a standard athletic track to calibrate my new footpod for distance and pace.

18/04/2011 Footpod Calibration & Short Road Run
I ran an easy 1.5km through the campus down to the athletics track by the seaside

18/04/2011 Footpod Calibration & Short Road Run
Beautiful vistas: the benefit of working far out of the city

18/04/2011 Footpod Calibration & Short Road Run
Ready? Go!

So, I set the footpod to calibration mode and set off around the athletics track. Running on such a smooth surface with easy corners makes covering the distance a breeze. If I could stand the boredom I reckon it'd be quite easy to set a 10km PB running around an athletics track.

As an aside: I'm a purist snob who doesn't believe that running on a treadmill counts for snot. It's training. And in the same way, I'm not going to put much faith in a claim that you/he/she climbed Vwhatever or 5.something-great indoors at a gym. Not saying that people shouldn't run/climb indoors, as I reckon it's a fantastic tool. Just personally (the snob I am) don't think you can mention indoor and outdoor achievements in the same sentence. (Also 10km on a trail != 10km on a track !!)

Where was I, oh, here:
18/04/2011 Footpod Calibration & Short Road Run
Can't imagine a better place. Both the athletics track and outdoor 50m pool are down by the seaside, and while they're quite a walk from the main campus area, their beautiful surroundings more than make up for it

18/04/2011 Footpod Calibration & Short Road Run
Looking back up towards the campus

I followed the calibration laps (800m) with a couple of test laps (the footpod was quite accurate) and then a nice slow crawl back up the hill, through a nearby town and back to the main campus area. Quite relaxing and good for the legs after the mountainous 20km the day before.

Hope to see you out in the jungle!
~ Joe

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  1. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u