Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Time to heat things up a little - Monday the 28th of February, 2011

Since the trail run was shorter than expected, and I pulled up quite good afterwards, I decided on a Monday-Tuesday, 1-2 punch (or a uppercut-1-2 if you count Sunday's trail run) to get prepared for the upcoming race. I decided on a hard hilly trail run for Monday, with a faster and easier road run on Tuesday.

So, on Monday, I headed out to hit the trails... But lo and behold... it was Summer! (If only for a day!) The persistent cloud and cool conditions had suddenly been replaced by bright overhead sun, hot temps and moderate humidity (just a taste... I'm sure things will be much worse in full-blown summer). Unfortunately, I wasn't really prepared for these conditions and didn't have my water bottle belt, in fact, I'd forgotten to bring any water bottle to work with me at all! So instead, I decided to buy a drink at halfway along the course to stave off dehydration and headaches so I could run again the next day.

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
Heading down the stairs towards the dirt trail, near the start of the course

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
On the trail, bright sun overhead

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
Need. More. Pow-ahhh. Tackling the climb up towards Tseng Lan Shue

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
A strangely angled shot of water running under the bridge. I liked the dark reflections of the leaves on the water

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
Still climbing.

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
On the flat paved section heading into the village with Kowloon Peak peaking on the horizon

28/02/2011 Sunny Trail+Road Run
Bright and sunny, but quite clear thanks to damp conditions on previous days

The run was certainly made harder in the unexpectedly hot conditions, but I managed all the climbs quite okay, and felt fine that night. Things are starting to look up for this weekend's race... Bring on the next hill!

See you on the roads!
~ Joe

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