Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Three from three - Tuesday the 1st of March, 2011

So, to finally beat my recovering, out-of-shape running form into something that might survive the mountain marathon, I set out on, what was supposed to be, a fast-ish road run. It's the last "proper" run before the race (although I will run a very easy 6km on Friday or Saturday to stretch my legs).

Worried about more hot conditions, I bought along my water bottle and new running sunglasses (Optic Nerve Shindigs - will report on them later once they've seen a bit of use). As I should have realised, the act of bring these along meant that cool conditions would return, making me carry the extra pound (the water bottle is about 600ml) for very little benefit.

1/3/2011 Easy Road Run
Cloudy conditions return

1/3/2011 Easy Road Run
Birds on a wire

1/3/2011 Easy Road Run
A small village next to the prison at the top of the hill, and also the place I got a shot of the pigeon man on a previous run.

My legs were notably tired and I was seriously slowing down towards the end of the run, but managed to maintain a healthy average of around 12.5km/hr for the run. Overall I was quite happy with the run, and while ready for a couple of day's rest, looking forward to the upcoming punishment!

See you at the starting line!
~ Joe

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