Thursday, 17 March 2011

Conditions worth waiting for - Tuesday the 15th of March, 2011

Despite what sounds like a horror run the day before, I pulled up with little more than slight headache that night and tired legs the day after, so decided to head out on a much easier, 9.5km road run the next lunchtime.

In a complete turn-around (and almost to spite me it seemed), the conditions on Tuesday were near-perfect. Cool, dry, overcast with a slight breeze. If my legs weren't still tired from the previous day's slog, it would have been a great day to try to run fast times. In fact, had I just waited the extra day, or swapped my runs so the shorter road run was on Monday and the trail run on Tuesday, I think everything would have turned out just fine. Hindsight and all that...

15/03/2011 9km Hilly Road Run
All the barbs removed

15/03/2011 9km Hilly Road Run
Perfect running conditions

15/03/2011 9km Hilly Road Run
Willie cruising down the hill about halfway out to the turnaround point

15/03/2011 9km Hilly Road Run
Unhappy about being featured on the blog apparently!

15/03/2011 9km Hilly Road Run
A small village house next to the prison, before weaving back down the hill to UST

All in all, the run wasn't too bad at all. Certainly not times to set the world alight, but considering the previous days troubles, not too bad at all.

Happy trails all,
~ Joe

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