Sunday, 12 September 2010

Return Trip - Thursday 9th of September, 2010

I really enjoyed Monday's run. It felt like a route I'd been looking for all along, linking the Po Lam direction with the Fei Ngo Shan direction. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to run it again, this time in the reverse direction.

Since the reverse direction starts with a mammoth hill, I assumed it would all be smooth (downhill) sailing after that.

After a hot 20mins beside the road, I was thankful to hit the trail.

I certainly wasn't wearing the best shoes for the trail, wet slippery rocks making me nervous in my Mizuno Waveriders. The trail went down, down, down... much further than I remembered climbing.

Wet, green rocks!

The reverse direction turned out to be a bad idea. Instead of having the main climb somewhere in the middle, the big climb at the start made mountains of subsequent molehills. What appears on the elevation profile as a short bump is in fact a heart-beaking stairmaster session.

Distorted panorama showing where I came from on the left and the direction I'm heading on the right.

A jungle retreat I found halfway along the trail, including chairs, carpet, some tarps and even a mirror!

Certainly will be aiming to run it the "normal" way again to confirm that this was indeed harder and not just my mind playing tricks, nevertheless its still a great route.

See you on the trails!

~ Joe

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