Sunday, 12 September 2010

Head Banger - Saturday 11th of September, 2010

Continued rain on Friday night and Saturday morning made for (relatively) fantastic conditions for a morning run.

Wet conditions along the harbour front.

I decided to run up the one hill I've found in the local area, out to west Kowloon, then back home via TST. Just over 11km and perfect for a light run.

Zig Zag stairs go on into infinity! I did not run these stairs, just past them on my way up the one hill.

Settling into a comfortable pace, I covered the small hill, bustled my way through the very busy Nathan road crossing and headed out west. After turning at the wholesale fruit market, I made my way down a little side street to where I normally jay-walk across the road and jump a fence. Today there was a police van parked in the side street watching the crossing.
Nah... they won't say anything.
I dashed across the road, jumping over the fence when *clang* I slammed my head into a street sign. Ouch! The force took the hat of my head and after picking it up I took a couple of minutes to see if I was okay. Just slightly broken the skin on my head but nothing serious.

A jungle of towering steel "trees" at Elements shopping mall.

I settled into a nice pace again, stopping here and there to take photo before eventually winding back home again.

Decorations for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival at the harbour front in TST.

Aside from banging my head this run made my quite optimistic about the coming winter. I really think it was the cooler conditions that allowed me to run without tiring. I'm looking forward to pushing the pace!


See you out in the rain! 

~ Joe

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