Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Punishment - Wednesday 15th of September, 2010

Aloha. Again. Back on the Hawaii Trail for the third time in five runs!

The weather was hot but patchy clouds provided occasional respite from the killer sun. Tacking on a little warm-up at the start, when I hit the trail I found the stones slippery despite wearing my Asics, no wonder the first time I'd ran down the stones I labelled it the slippery death route.

Found this little guy hopping around on the steps.

I hit the semi-paved track and at the creek crossing where I couldn't find the nerve to 'walk the plank' last time, I quieted my mind and shuffled across. Very impressed with myself I thought: "now to seal the deal I have to run up all the hills without walking".

I found the nerve to walk across the right hand pipe!

Wonderful little trackside waterfall.

Bright sunshine and shady stairs

As I continued the heat wore me down and the hills loomed large. Struggling up all but the last hill it was a good effort, just not a great one, and not enough to be impressed with.


When I hit the road I locked myself into a comfortable pace, once again pretty pleased with the pace of the last 3 - 4km. Overall a hard run, a good run, but not a great one.

See you on the trails!

~ Joe

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