Monday, 6 September 2010

Aloha - Monday 7th of September, 2010

I thought about trying to run a new today. Straight down to Po Lam (instead of taking a convoluted trail route) and then into the township and around the back of Hang Hau.

Heading out UST's backgate I was resolute with this plan, but as I started along the trail I was once again enamoured and didn't want to leave the trail to pound some asphalt. No. Stick to the plan.

As I headed down the trail I thought: gee, this section is much nicer than I remember

Wonderful, mottled trails.

And I don't remember this little water crossing. I must have taken a wrong turn! Ah well, better to see where this trail comes out now!

Awesome! Stream crossing!

4-way crossroads. Mental note: don't come here on a moonless night at midnight. Also... which way from here?!

Tseung Kwan O village will take me back to Po Lam. Yau Yue Wan (direct translation: Squid Bay) is where I came from. Au Tau (hidden here) sounds familiar and it sounds like there's a waterfall down there but it's not really the right direction. And Tseng Lan Shue, I have a hunch about that one. So let's goooooo.

Good choice! Awesome riverside paths.

Collapsed dam?

As it turns out my hunch for where the trail comes out was wrong... but the truth is better! The path comes out onto Wilson Trail Stage 3, almost at the end.

The winding lovely end section of Wilson Trail Stage 3.

I'd often seen the end of this trail while hiking/running Wilson and wondered where it went. Now I know!

Oh, and for those wondering, the trail is called 'Little Hawaii Trail' !!!

See you in the jungle!
~ Joe

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