Sunday, 5 September 2010

Drizzle - Friday 1st of September, 2010

Rain. Wonderful rain.

On Friday morning the rains came, washing particulates out of the air and cooling the temperature (a little). After a deluge in the mid-morning I was a little worried that the rains wouldn't hold out till lunchtime and I'd have to run in sunny, super-humid conditions again. My fears were unfounded as the rain drizzled-on well past lunchtime into the evening.

Having already ran both towards Po Lam and Sai Kung this week, I decided to complete the triplet and run towards Fei Ngo Shan (Kowloon Peak, or in direct translation: Moth Mountain).

Across the bridge and up the hill.

The path was wet but covered with interesting colours.

Once I gained a bit of altitude I must have moved above the rain bands as the rain slowed. My legs were a little stiff on the uphill section, but fine afterwards. Instead, I started feeling really hungry in the middle section!

Cloudy vistas.

This too passed and I found a nice, very comfortable, albeit quite slow, pace. No need to push myself too hard, I backed off the accelerator and peddled all the way back to UST. A very enjoyable lunchtime run.

See you on the trails,

~ Joe

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