Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Taking the cadence to the trails - Tuesday the 3rd of May, 2011

Possibly spurred on by the positive higher cadence run the day before, and possibly by my previous resolution to start adding in hard/fast runs to my mix, I set about challenging myself on the quite tough "Little Hawaii Trail" route.

As I set out, the temps were 28oC+ and very humid. Not ideal running conditions, but my high cadence (but rather easy) run the night before, had me pumped for a huge effort.

20110503 Very Hot Lunchtime Trail/Road Run
Only a couple of photos from this run, I didn't want to stop too often! Hairy jungle fruits grow from the stem of this sapling

20110503 Very Hot Lunchtime Trail/Road Run
Beautiful trails spur me on

20110503 Very Hot Lunchtime Trail/Road Run
Down these steep stone stairs, my Garmin recorded a max cadence of 118... After "editing" my workout to include the afternoon temp however, it didn't let me keep this max cadence, stating that the value was "outside the permissible limits"!!!

20110503 Very Hot Lunchtime Trail/Road Run
Crossing the bridge, halfway up the final assault

20110503 Very Hot Lunchtime Trail/Road Run
A final shot of the valley as I rise towards Tseng Lan Shue village

As I hit the road, I was well aware that I'd depleted most of my energy on this hills of the trail, but made an effort to keep the pedal down all the way to the finish. Coming into the final 2km I took the easier route, as I wasn't sure I could keep a good pace on the longer, hillier way. I think this is a fair trade, and if I want to work on my speed more, I'm going to have to sacrifice some of the distance that I normally shoot for.

Although the time/speed was down a little on what I would normally consider "good", I knew that I'd worked hard the whole time, and couldn't really ask more than that. I was pretty damn happy with the effort!

"Run like hell and get the agony over with." Clarence DeMar

See you on the trails!
~ Joe

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