Monday, 23 May 2011

A Drop in the Ocean - Monday the 23rd of May, 2011

Another weekend where I didn't get out on the trails, and another Monday where I wanted to make up lost distance. However, this time I was wise enough not to go out and slog a 15k-er in the barefoot shoes, and decided on a paved but hilly 10km.

Conditions were completely overcast, cooler than last week thanks to thunderstorms on the weekend, but very, very humid.

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
Small debris strew along all the roads and paths

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
Everything looking very grey and bleak

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
A crossing in the little bikepath I run along that tours Hang Hau

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
The little back-road track the cuts between two no-through roads. I've seen it much much more overgrown than this!

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
More reminders of the weekend storms. I skirted this pond on the little gutter on the right. The water was probably almost a foot deep in the middle!

20110524 Very Humid Lunchtime Road 10km
Just after finishing, I noticed that I'd picked up a hitch-hiker along the way somewhere. I wandering back down to the gardens, putting him under a tree.

Overall a pretty uneventful run. Just another 10km for the tally.

I noticed halfway up the hill, that my average pace for the run so far was 5:02mins/km and wanting to go under, I made a note to work hard towards the end. By the time I'd finished the next series of hills, however, my average pace had ballooned out to 5:47mins/km. With only a couple of km left, I pushed hard to make a dent in it, knowing it was too much to totally catch. I was happy with the effort, but a little disappointed to miss my target. Best of all, no serious calf pain, just a little tightness afterwards.

See you out on the roads!
~ Joe

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