Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Second Shooter - Tuesday the 8th of February, 2011

After the very very hard run on the previous Sunday, my legs were still sore, but I needed to get moving again and start preparing for the upcoming KOTH Mountain Marathon.

So, I decided on a easy-ish, fully paved route, albeit with quite steep climbs.

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
A dis-used gate on my little back-road detour down towards Hang Hau

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
The view towards the High Junk Peak Trail, that I've now ran quite a few times at lunchtime.

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
Originally I thought I was taking a photo of an abandoned road, that I'd never ran before, until I spotted something in my shot:

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
Another shooter!
(although of the less creative bend)

I went a little further up the hill, waded through a some foliage and climbed a wall to get a better look at the little sniper:

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
Gone! (At least the gun is still there)

To me, he looked like a quite young kid, maybe mid to late high school, and judging by the sound and the distance to his target (an empty drink bottle) the gun (despite size) must be a quite weak BB / pellet gun.

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
The direction he was shooting... into this abandoned house. Looks like a great place for a couple of photos at a later date tho!

08/02/2011 Easy Road Run
As I headed back to the road and up the hill, I spotted this likewise spiky fellow!

I wouldn't say it was a great run, given the sore legs, but an interesting one!

Happy to be on the "firing" end of my shooter.
~ Joe

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