Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Further Night Lights - Sunday the 30th of January, 2011

I was originally planning a long weekend run out on a trail on Hong Kong Island, to learn the course for the King of the Hill (KOTH) competition but since it was the final weekend before Chinese New Year, I decided to stay home with the wife and help clean, squeezing in a late night 10km after dinner. So get ready for further blurry photos from a further run! (like err, a homonym... you know?)

I used to run this route a bit when I first moved to Hung Hom. It takes on the only sizeable hill I've found anywhere in southern Kowloon, and is about half along roadside footpaths and half along the waterfront. Unfortunately, the waterfront sections aren't as enjoyable as they should be because they're generally very congested with people, and I spend all my time dodging tourons instead of enjoying the sights!

20110130 Late night Road 10km
Heading out along the (dreadfully over-denoised) road, approaching the sole hill

20110130 Late night Road 10km
The Kowloon Wholesale Fruit is just starting to get busy at 10.30pm for the next day's business!

20110130 Late night Road 10km
Looking across towards Central

20110130 Late night Road 10km
Light displays now appear to be a permanent fixture at the Star Ferry Terminal in TST

20110130 Late night Road 10km
For Chinese New Year I guess

I worked hard for the entire run and was pretty happy with the time overall. Perhaps I'll have to include late night, fast 10km runs as a staple from now on.

As Courage Wolf always says:
Drink Pain, Sweat Results...
~ Joe

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