Monday, 28 February 2011

Back in the hunt - Thursday the 24th of Februaru, 2011

After a couple of days of antibiotics, I was feeling well enough to start to run again. I was also becoming increasingly more anxious about the upcoming KOTH race.

A minute and a half into the run, and I spot a familiar old friend:

24/2/2011 Still Sick 5km Road Run
Back in the Lizard Hunting game.

I made sure the run was nice and easy, but got tired pretty quick anyway. Obviously not fully recovered.

24/2/2011 Still Sick 5km Road Run
Playing it safe

24/2/2011 Still Sick 5km Road Run

During the run I was a lot more tired than I normally would be on such an easy jaunt, and afterwards it took me ages to cool off, but overall the run had no lasting negative impacts and I was very happy to be able to start preparations in proper for the upcoming KOTH race.

See you on the trails!
~ Joe

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